Fraser is a major character in the Super Justice Series. He is also the Husband to Princess Fairy

Personal InformationEdit

Name - Fraser 

Age - 18

Powers - Superhuman Strength

Family  - Mother, Father, Fairy (Wife)

Series - Super Justice

Creator -  Sean


Fraser was born into a poor family with very little. When he was at school the school was one day invaded and Fraser  at the age of 13 was picked out of everyone in the school to be tested on. He was taken away to Modern City where he was cloned. He was put in a coma, when he was awakened at thee age of 16 he found out his 'brother' had been replacing him. Fraser left and went to travel.

He arrived in Merran on a stormy night at the age of 17 and fell unconscious. He was put in a hosiptal to recover. When he recovered he broke out of the prison in rage and was attack by the police. Fairy, Valerie and Axel. He defeated both Axel and Valerie, but using her charm Fairy calmed him down. He was given the option of gooing to jail or joining Super Justice, he picked freedom in th form of Super Justice.

He later developed a relationship and married Fairy when he became 18.


Fraser has blue hair and blue eyes. He is muscular and has a tatoo of a star on his back and one on each of his arms. His top half is not covered by clothing but by a shield covering his six pack and chains around his waist, arms and shoulders. He wheres red trousers and pale blue and brown shoes.


Fraser is very moody and brutal. He became nicer after marrying Fairy


  • Superhuman Strength - Fraser is able to lift very heavy objects