Princess Valerie is a White Mage and Princess who rules the Clerston Kingdom, she is also the older sister to Fairy 

Personal InformationEdit

Name - Valerie

Age - 19

Family - Mother, Father Fairy (sister) Axel (Husband)

Powers - Healing, Flight, White Magic

Weapons - White Mage Staff

Creator - Sean


Valerie was born into the family of the King of Clerston and the Queen of Merran. She attended Mage School and graduated to become a White Mage.

She first started off working in the Clerston Hospital  when she was 15 but her parents decided to retire from ruling and made Valerie the ruler of Clerston when she became 16. One of Valerie's roles as Princess was to meet famous visitors, one day she met a powerful wizard who granted her the powers of Flight. He gave her a white mage staff and then passed away.

Valerie became unsure of what to do, but when her Kingdom was attacked by the evil Emperor Doom on her 17 birthday Valerie fought him ff using her magic staff.

A kingdom had never be attacked again after that and she began paying visits to Fairy. Valerie started working along side Fairy to protect the Merran Kingdom. They decided to recruit Fraser and Axel to their group.  

She began to take a liking to Axel and they married later on when Valerie was still 18. They also had a son.


Valerie has blonde hair and blue eyes. She wheres a white robe with red triangles on it.


Valerie has a very calm nature to her. She doesnt usually fight and is very gentle.


  • Flight - Valerie is able to fly at free will
  • Healing - Valerie is able to heal herself and others