Rosalinda is a magician from the Magic Craze Series. She uses both magic and playing cards.
Rosalinda forbidden mountains

Rosalinda at the Forbidden Mountains

Personal InformationEdit

Name - Rosalinda

Age - 17

Gender - Female

Powers - Magic, Card Control

Series - Magic Craze

Creator - Sean


Rosalinda has long black hair which goes half way down her back. She has blue eyes and pink lips. She is tall and slim. She wears a black magicians jacket with a white shirt and black bow tie. She has black trousers and black heeled shoes.



History Edit

Rosalinda was born into a family of magicians. When she became 10 she was taught her fathers supernatural magic. By 12 she had fully mastered it and was taught by her mother have to master The Cards.

When she became 17 she joined forces with our two fellow magicians, Jack and Ace to stop Joker. She was able to assist in the defeat of Joker by tying him up with ropes made of snakes.


Rosalinda is kind and caring, she knows the diffrence between right and wrong and is not afraid to speak her mind. She usually keeps Jack and Ace in check. Rosalinda is also very confident with her magic ability


Rosalinda has a wide variety of magic spells. Because of her training from her father she can say anything she wants. But she has her own special spell 'Ecosey Les Volgons' which creates a massive blizzard storm damaging enimes.

She also uses playing cards. These cards can be used as a shield to protect herself and anyone else. She can alos throw these cards which explode when hitting someone.